Some Travel Photos:
Mendenhall Glacier (near Juneau)
Diving Whale's Tail (near Sitka)
Tender Goes Back to Ship (Sitka)

Buffaloed in North Dakota

Fires in Glacier NP
On To Seattle
Microsoft Picnic
Puget Sound Ferry
Afternoon in Yellowstone
Yellowstone & Tetons

Heading North to Juneau

Road Trip 2000
Road Trip 2001
Pictures of Yum Yum & Koko

Some Old VHS Home Videos:
Yellowstone, August 1995
Glacier, Mt. Rushmore 1995
Cats By Sean (1993)
Kitten Storm and Xmas, 1992
Colorado Vacation, July 1993
Denver and Colorado, May 1986
Thanksgiving with Stowe family, 1985
Sean mainly, December, 1985
New Years Day, 1986
Jason & Sean, February, 1987