4th Annual Baseball Road Trip

Highlights from Sean & Bud's Baseball Road Trip 2000 will be displayed on this page.  Our plans are to be at Coors for Diamondbacks-Rockies games Saturday night and Sunday and then be in Phoenix the following weekend for same two teams.  If we make it to Phoenix quickly, we might catch the Padres game Wednesday night (6/21).   It's remotely possible we might later catch the Padres at Dodger stadium, but plans are being left open this year.

You can click on thumbnail pictures for full-size picture.

Friday, June 16th:

Thanks to Kay for letting us take this trip

Here's all there is in Kansas!

Saturday, June 17th:
Our 22nd anniversary, my 54th birthday, and on to Denver and Coors Field.

See Mom. Got long pants,
got jacket, taking walk!

Sunset at Coors

Todd Helton hits
another 3-run homer

Sunday, June 18th:

Lansing completes cycle!

More Rockie RBIs

7th inning stretch.

Monday, June 19th:
And now ... Go West, young man.

Head for the hills!

Mom would never go here.

Crystal Reservoir near Gunnison

Tuesday, June 20th:

San Juan Mountains

Love them mountain lakes!

Mesa Verde cliff dwelling

Wednesday, June 21st:

Canyon de Chelly

The Painted Desert

Babe Ruth's Bat?

Thursday, June 22nd:
Sean has gotten bad sores on his lips and we are heading back home today.