Settlement Options

  • 1 - Cash in person. Either directly to me or to Scott Holland at Pioneer.

  • 2 - Settle with someone else playing - in agreement with me. This consolidates things and saves unneccessary transactions.

  • 3 - PayPal. Sent to Be sure to use the "Send money to friends or family" option, and do not include a comment. Send me a seperate email if you need to explain.

  • 4 - Check (or cash) sent by postal mail to me. Send me an email for my address.

  • 5 - Venmo. Very easy to use as iPhone app.

  • 6 - Square Cash. Another easy to use iPhone app.

  • 7 - From Facebook you can just like previous 2 options link your debit card and transfer cash online to me.

  • 8 - I now also accept (or can send) via Apple Pay (PayCash). Works slick!

  • 9 - And if that's not enough opitions, I can accept or payout settlements via bitcoins. Contact me via email for info or to make arrangements.