Settlement Options

  • 1 - Cash in person. Either directly to me or to Scott Holland at Pioneer.

  • 2 - Settle with someone else playing - in agreement with me. This consolidates things and saves unneccessary transactions.

  • 3 - PayPal. Sent to Be sure to use the "Send money to friends or family" option, and do not include a comment. Send me a seperate email if you need to explain.

  • 4 - Check (or cash) sent by postal mail to me. Send me an email for my address.

  • 5 - Venmo. Very easy to use as iPhone app. My username there is @budmanscom.

  • 6 - Square Cash. Another easy to use iPhone app. (But no one I know uses this)

  • 7 - From Facebook you can just like previous 2 options link your debit card and transfer cash online to me.

  • 8 - I now also accept (or can send) via Apple Pay (Apple Cash). Works slick!

  • 9 - If all you've ever done is check by postal mail, check with your bank about Zelle. Many (most?) banks support this electronic option to transfer funds which I've used to pay or receive with a few of you.