5th Annual Baseball Road Trip

June 21st - Sean and I leave Des Moines and head West.

June 22nd-23rd - Friday and Saturday night games at Coors watching Luis Gonzalez and Larry Walker continue their hitting sprees.

June 24th-25th - Head through New Mexico (Carlsbad Caverns) and on toward Phoenix.  Follow Diamondbacks back home.

June26th-27th - Night games at Bank-1 versus Houston.  Hook up with Jason who has been working at Intel in Phoenix since January.  We're looking forward to being with him all day next Wednesday!

June 28th - Phoenix to Havasu City along Colorado river, across the Mojave, and on to Bakersfield, CA.

June 29th - Sequoia National Forest and National Park, and Kings Canyon N.P. and up towards Yosemite.

June 30th - Yosemite National Park, by Lake Tahoe, and up to Reno.

July 1st - July 3rd - Slowly head back East across Rockies.

Original Plan:

June 29th - By Friday night get to San Diego to see Dodgers-Padres games.  See how some of the other NL West teams are faring.

June 30th - Hurry up to Anaheim for Saturday afternoon game against hottest team in MLB --- Seattle.  We'll watch Garrett Anderson cool off that Mariner pitching.

July 1st - Can we get up to San Francisco by Sunday afternoon?  We hope so.  If we can make it by 2pm, we'll see Cardinals at PacBell.

July 2nd-3rd - We can catch Anaheim at Oakland games Monday and/or Tuesday night before we head back East.

July 4th-5th - Heading Back East toward Denver again.

July 6th - We must be following the Angels.  Friday night we can catch Anaheim at Colorado.

July 7th - If we haven't had enough baseball, we can catch the Astros at Kansas City Saturday night on our way back home.


For some reason I think we might miss some of these games.  Sean & I are always up to changing plans on the fly.  But this is our schedule.  Stay tuned for updates (and pictures) of our progress.

June 20th