Who's Who

Owner Very Brief Description
Bud Stowe The Budman - 1999 Champ  Des Moines, IA
Tom Hughes First Champ - 1998  Iowa City, IA
Steve Hirsch One of League Originals  Iowa City, IA
Chuck Hirsch Steve's brother  Sioux City, IA
Bob Wehrle League Original - 2004 Champ  Iowa City, IA
Pat Hagen Rotisserie player - 2001 Champ  Cedar Rapids, IA
Mark Behrman Milwaukee Connection, Bridge. League Original  Milwaukee, WI
Chris Kramer Rotisserie.  Ex-pro golfer  West Des Moines, IA
Denny & Jimmy Denny Mitchell - West Des Moines, IA
Jimmy Mitchell - Denny's brother  Youngstown, OH
Dave Neuleib Friend of Behrman & Kelly  Milwaukee, WI
Jacks Jack Cummens - Friend of Kelly  Milwaukee, WI
Steven Kaishian - Running the show for Jacks
Ralph Jeletz Another Milwaukee Insurance stiff, 2007 Champ, Milwaukee, WI
Ken Johnson Friend of Dave Neuleib  Lives near St. Paul, Minnesota
Keith Reynolds Friend of Mark Behrman  Lives near the Alamo
John Wallen Friend of Mark Behrman - 2002 Champ  Another insurance stiff from Milwaukee
Rich Azinger The Zinger! - Grimes, IA
Norm Fernandez Friend of Keith Reynolds, 2006 Champ San Antonio, TX
Rich Chapman Friend of Norm Fernandez, lives near Houston, TX
Sean Stowe Bud's son. Played in 1999-2002 seasons. Returned for 2007 Season.
Dave Hicks Friend of Mike Schumacher, Bill Hick's son, 2008 Champ, Oneida, WI
J.P. Kramer Brother of Chris Kramer.   Chicago, IL
Chris Reeves Friend of J.P. - former Superman
Brett Sawyer Friend of J.P. - boyhood friend of Tom & Huck
Brian Tolomeo Friend of Keith Reynolds - another insurance jock!
Mike Leaman Friend of Ralph Jeletz - ringer

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