Who's Who

Owner Very Brief Description
Bud Stowe The Budman.  Des Moines, IA
Mark Schantz Lawyer, Bridge, Rotisserie, Hawkeye.  Iowa City, IA
Tom Hughes Friend of Mark and Tony.  Hawkeye.  Iowa City, IA
Steve Hirsch Golf Club owner.  Eastern Iowa.
Bob Wehrle Friend of Mark and Tony.  Eastern Iowa.
Pat Hagen Rotisserie player.  Cedar Rapids, IA
Kelly Arnie Kellenberger.  Friend of Behrman's.  Milwaukee, WI
Carl Anderson Rotisserie baseball, Bridge.  West Des Moines, IA
Nile Lewis Friend of Mark and Tony.  Eastern Iowa.
Mark Behrman Rotisserie baseball, Bridge.  Milwaukee, WI
Chuck Hirsch Steve's brother.  Sioux City, IA
Chris Kramer Rotisserie.  Ex-pro golfer.  West Des Moines, IA
Denny & Jimmy Denny Mitchell - West Des Moines, IA
  Jimmy Mitchell - Denny's brother.  Youngstown, OH
TKJ Tom Mitchell - Denny's brother.  Columbus, OH
  Kevin Schultz - Tom Mitchell friend.  A Buckeye with Youngstown roots
  John - a born and bred Hawkeye originally from Oskaloosa
Cheryl Neuleib Dave's lovely and adorable wife.  Works with Kelly.
Dave Neuleib Friend of Behrman & Kelly.  Milwaukee, WI
Jacks Jack Cummens - Friend of Kelly.  Milwaukee, WI
  Steven Kaishian - Running the show for Jacks.
Scott Ford Friend of Kelly's.  Milwaukee, WI
Ralph Jeletz Another Milwaukee Insurance stiff.  Milwaukee, WI
Ken Johnson Friend of Dave Neuleib.  Lives near St. Paul, Minnesota
Keith Reynolds Friend of Mark Behrman.  Lives near the Alamo
John Wallen Friend of Mark Behrman.  Another insurance stiff from Milwaukee
MPL Mary Martin, Brookfield, WI
  Paul, Milwaukee area
  Lamont --- Milwaukee area, all customers of Jack's
Russ Kramer Returns from Phoenix - works with Chris but no relation - Grimes, IA
Rich Azinger The Zinger returns! - Grimes, IA

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