Who's Who

Owner Very Brief Description
Bud Stowe The Budman.  Des Moines, IA
Sean Stowe Bud's 16 year-old son.  Des Moines, IA
Mark Schantz Lawyer, Bridge, Rotisserie, Hawkeye.  Iowa City, IA
Tom Hughes Friend of Mark and Tony.  Hawkeye.  Iowa City, IA
Steve Hirsch Golf Club owner.  Eastern Iowa.
Bob Wehrle Friend of Mark and Tony.  Eastern Iowa.
Pat Hagen Rotisserie player.  Cedar Rapids, IA
Kelly Arnie Kellenberger.  Friend of Behrman's.  Milwaukee, WI
Tony Ziccardi Our token Italian.  Bridge, Rotisserie.  Iowa City, IA
Carl Anderson Rotisserie baseball, Bridge.  West Des Moines, IA
Nile Lewis Friend of Mark and Tony.  Eastern Iowa.
Mark Behrman Rotisserie baseball, Bridge.  Milwaukee, WI
Chuck Hirsch Steve's brother.  Sioux City, IA
Chris Kramer Rotisserie.  Ex-pro golfer.  West Des Moines, IA
Denny & Jimmy Denny Mitchell - West Des Moines, IA
Jimmy Mitchell - Denny's brother.  Youngstown, OH
Brian & Mike Brian Mitchell - Denny's son.  Dental School.  Columbus, OH
Mike Fitzpatrick - Brian's brother-in-law.  Columbus, OH
Tom & Kevin Tom Mitchell - Denny's brother.  Columbus, OH
Kevin Mitchell - Denny's son.  Former MLB star.  Columbus, OH
Kevin & Smook Kevin Schultz - Tom Mitchell friend.  Another Buckeye.  Crapchester, NY.
Smook - Friend of Kevin's - He loves the Buckeye's too.
Dave Neuleib Friend of Behrman & Kelly.  Milwaukee, WI
Dave & Jack Dave - "guy who handles the computer and enables Jack to play"
Jack Cummens - Friend of Kelly.  Milwaukee, WI
Scott Ford Friend of Kelly's.  Milwaukee, WI
Rich Azinger Works at Pioneer Hi-Bred, same as the Budman.  Paul's cousin.   Grimes, IA

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