Who's Who

Team Very Brief Description of Owners
Bud Stowe The Budman - 1999 Champ  Clive, IA
Tom Hughes First Champ - 1998  Iowa City, IA
Steve Hirsch One of League Originals  Iowa City, IA - 2012 Champion
Pat Hagen Rotisserie player - 2001 Champ  Cedar Rapids, IA
Mark Behrman Milwaukee Connection, Bridge. League Original  Milwaukee, WI
Denny & Tom Denny Mitchell - West Des Moines, IA
  Tom Mitchell - Denny's brother, lives next to 2nd tee Muirfield Village, Dublin, OH
Dave Neuleib Friend of Behrman & Kelly  Milwaukee, WI
Ralph Jeletz Another Milwaukee Insurance stiff, 2007 Champ, Milwaukee, WI
Ken Johnson Friend of Dave Neuleib  Lives near St. Paul, Minnesota
Rich Azinger The Zinger! - 2011 Champ  Grimes, IA
Rich Chapman Friend of Norm Fernandez, lives near Houston, TX - 2015 Champ
Sean Stowe Bud's younger son. Played in 1999-2002 seasons. Returned for 2007 Season.
Jay Horton Jay Horton- son of ISU's distinguished Dick and Sandy Horton, Ames, IA
Mike Leaman Friend of Ralph Jeletz - 2010 Champion
Ken & Phil Ken Auerbach - former roto values follower, lives near New York city
  Phil Auerbach - Ken's son - 2013 Champions
Matt Gateris Friend of Dave Neulieb, Gotta be good guy - plays poker Milwaukee, WI
Pat Feldner Friend of Mike Leaman, Another insurance guy Milwaukee, WI
Leigh & Rod Leigh Eggert - friend of Ralph Jeletz, insurance stiff Milwaukee, WI
  Rod Baker - friend of Ralph Jeletz, insurance stiff Milwaukee, WI
Troy Campbell Friend of Mike Leaman & Ralph Jeletz, Sussex, WI - 2014 Champion
Gregg Walsh Runs bridge games locally, Des Moines, IA
Ryan Fleming Friend/co-worker of Mike Leaman, Menomonee Falls, WI
Tony Gallivan Boilermaker friend of Dave Hicks, Tampa, FL
Tim & Mike Tim Dolan, co-worker with Denny Mitchell, Des Moines, IA
  Mike Waytenick, co-worker with Denny Mitchell, Des Moines, IA
Alex Kohn Friend of the Auerbach's, New York, NY
Mike Dietz Another Wisconsin dude, works with Rod Baker, Pewaukee, WI
Troy Adams Friend of Pat Feldner, Muskego, WI
Kevin Brown Friend of Pat Feldner, New Berlin, WI
Dave Sheib Uncle of Alex Kohn, Sarasota, FL
Aaron Zittnan Friend of Dave Neuleib, Bartender near Milwaukee, WI
Joe Koltun Friend of Mike Leaman, North of Boston, MA
Chad Gallivan Tony Gallivan's son, Tampa, FL
Roger Solz Friend of Ken Johnson, Minneapolis, MN area - 2016 Champion
Tim Curry Friend of Greg (Sparky) Smith, Germantown, TN
Jayden Weinschenk Works at Pioneer like I did - West Des Moines, IA
Jerrad Kemp Friend of Jayden Weinschenk - Clive, IA
Jason Herrig Friend of Jayden Weinschenk - Clive, IA - 2020 Champion
Dusty Jordan Yet another friend of Jayden Weinschenk - Urbandale, IA - 2018 Champ
Kim Myers Dave Hick's Father-in-Law - Pataskala, OH
Wilkes Coleman Friend of Phil Auerbach - Clearwater, FL
Tom O'Rourke Alex Kohn's Father-in-Law - Roseland, NJ
Jason Stowe Bud's elder son - Seattle, WA
Scott Brummel Assisstant coach with Rob Luther - Des Moines, IA
Mark Hoxmeier Friend of Jayden Weinschenk - Urbandale, IA - 2019 Champion
John Leahy Co-worker of Jerrad Kemp - Urbandale, IA
Matt & David Feichtinger Matt - Nephew of Dave Neuleib - Muscatine, IA
  David - Matt's Brother, Dave's Nephew - Owatonna, WI
Clark Smith Played Cyclone golf with Jay Horton - Johnston, IA
Josh Denk Friend of Troy Adams, Another Insurance Guy - Greenfield, WI
Marco Molina Josh Denk's Brother-In-Law - Greenfield, WI
Wyatt Hoffman Friend, co-worker of Chad Gallivan - Chicago, IL
Alex Bair Friend of Jerrad Kemp - Urbandale, IA
Dave Kulik Friend of Denny Mitchell - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Kevin Mitchell Denny Mitchell's son - Columbus, OH
Raun Dardis Friend of Clark Smith & Jay Horton - Johnston, IA
Chris Wagner Stepson of Scott Holland - Urbandale, IA
Dustin Golz Friend of Aaron Zittner - Erie, PA
Zach Hasselbrink Coach and teacher with Rob Luther - Des Moines, IA
John Callahan Friend of Wilkes Coleman - Chicago, IL
Ray Svec Friend of Jerrad Kemp and John Leahy - Urbandale, IA
Ray Smith Clark Smith's Dad - Venice, FL
Tim Cron Friend of Denny Mitchell - Lewis Center, OH
Jack Reynolds Friend of Wilkes Coleman - Tierra Verde, FL
Will Eilert Friend of Zach Hasselbrink - Polk City, IA
Shafik Ismail International bridge & poker player - Not Sure Where These Days
Lee Sokalsky Friend of Tim Cron - Garnet Valley, PA
Jake Sokalsky Lee's Brother - Garnet Valley, PA
Todd Price Friend of Lee Sokalsky - Glen Mills, PA
Anthony Olivetti Friend of Alex Kohn - Jersey City, NJ
Aaron Shreve Friend of Dusty Golz - Holly Ridge, NC
Ross Hemmingsen Friend of Beau Hultquist - Farmington, MN
Steve Lesgold Friend of Mark Behrman - Madison, WI
Rich Freitag Friend of Brian Traxler - Charlotte, NC
Monte Davis Father of Zach Davis - Washington, IA
Davis McCarty Friend of Dave Kulik - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Bob Mauser Friend of Dave Kulik - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Jack Andrew Sutter Grandson of Dave Kulik - Jacksonville, FL

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